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Magical Activism

Reclaiming is a community of people working to unify spirit and politics. We work for all forms of justice: environmental, social, political, racial, gender and economic. Our feminism includes a radical analysis of power, seeing all systems of oppression as interrelated, rooted in structures of domination and control.

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Magical Activism? by An Elder Apprent...


Magical Activism? An Elder Apprentice   Hive Tribe describes itself as “. . . a Reclaiming Collective of Magical Activists . . . ” The volunteer writers on Wikipedia in its article on “Magical Thinking” (‘ are happy to let me know, “Magical thinking is the attribution of causal relationships between actions and events which […]

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Welcome to the Hive Tribe Reclaiming website.  Please note this is a new website and we are currently under construction. Check back soon for new content.